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I read all of these reviews and feel bad that I was once a skyzone monitor that was forced to scold and separate families. I completely understand the rage felt by parents. I felt absolutely terrible every time I had to yell at a child or a parent. I had to, or else my general manager would waddle out of the comfort of her office and threaten my job over it.

I do understand the rules such as "no running" and "one per square", but the general manager threatened by job because a teenage boy was sitting down on a pad. I nearly walked out.

The location I worked at was ran by terrible people with no sense of consistency or professionalism. I wont name a specific location, but mine was in Ohio. They would talk bad about guests and fire people for no reason in order to give family member's jobs. I've had two other jobs and none were as managed as bad as this horrid place.

I get that I'm not a consumer but please don't give this place any business. I hear skymax is a lot less strict about rules, maybe they might even allow you to be a family. There are much better places to go for your kid's birthday.

Product or Service Mentioned: Skyzone Manager.

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I also worked at a Sky Zone in Indiana with the worst franchise owners I have ever encountered. They constantly fired people over the smallest things then complained that they had no body to work every day.

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