Me and my friend went to skyzone to have fun and we wanted a slush and we wanted three .if u combined those slushs it would be 12 bucks me and my friend where very friken pissed off!! The lady stated laghing at us we where very confused why?

A few minutes later we where leaving and we really wanted to have a pucker powder and they didn't have anymore large or medium ones they olny had the small ones then they said that it was 1.99 per candy pucker powder and it added up to 4.26 bucks for this little *** thing and when we order it the lady was the Meanist rudest person ever she didn't have any sense of humor she looked very depressed thank u for listening about our experiences at Sky zone and hope u fix these ridiculous problems!!!

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of pucker powder. Skyzone needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Fort Wayne, Indiana, United States #1052518

I cant really understand much of anything that was written? If this persons speech is at all similar to there grammar,I wouldve chuckled a bit to because I'd have NO clue what was trying to be said? Lol....you need to be able to relate to someone before you can voice a complaint and have whomever relate to you also...understand?


Ok, first, what is the picture? There is nothing at all in this that even mentions that picture, let alone what it is.

Second, punctuation!

There are exactly 4 sentences in your complaint. The issue with this is the 4th "sentence" looks more like a paragraph, yet it is one big long run on sentence which is in dire need of punctuation. I assume that it is, in fact, a paragraph-not a sentence.

Third, you complain about the price of a slush, yet never state how big/small these slush's are so we can determine if this complaint is a legitimate gripe over price gouging or if the price seems reasonable and you just have no clue what the value of a slush is in today's market.

(also, you stated " we wanted a slush and we wanted three". That is not a proper sentence, part of a sentence, nor is it proper English at all.)

Fourth, there is the gripe about the price of a pucker powder. You stated they were priced at $1.99 each, then complained that they only had small ones, then stated what the final total was, but never said for how many. So if there was one, then yes, there was a problem as the price reflected that of 2 pucker powders plus tax.

However, you left out vital information to justify your complaint so we the people can not say that you are correct or incorrect with your issue with this company. Plus the whole punctuation thing that I personally just can not overlook. If you are of age that is beyond the 7th grade then there is no excuse for this punctuation issue at all. If you are NOT beyond the 7th grade level of education then maybe this is an issue that your mother or father should be addressing and not you.

They should also be more diligent with your education surrounding your lack of punctuation. That should not be allowed to stand!

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