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We were there are a guest for a birthday party and when we got there, they went over the rules of only one person per trampoline and the other stuff. when they told me that, i explained to them that my son has special needs and needed help and i would need to be there to hold his hand and jump with him they said no problem and gave me a jump pass.

i was jumping with him and a manager or something came to me and told me i could not be on the trampoline with him. so i stood on the outside of it holding his hands trying to help him and a few minutes later same lady came to me with a pool noodle and said you cant hold his hands either its a safety issue. have him hold this and tell him to jump. See if this works.

i said your kidding right? she said no. so he really wasnt able to be on there himself so he sat in the middle of it and couldnt participate

so then i took him to the part where they have the foam pit. i explained to him that mommy is gonna jump in and wait for you. then you jump in and mom will help you out. the person there said you cannot be in there when he goes in, i again explained he needed help and he said i could not help him.

after all that i was pissed and i asked them if they were aware that under the ADA "Americans with Disabilities Act" they must make clear and REASONABLE accommodations for persons with special needs and she told me that is why they have two nights a month that are special needs nights and at that time you can have two people on a trampoline and hand to hand contact to help.

i said so you are discriminating against our persons with special needs by segregating them to one or two nights a month where you will make accommodations but wont make accommodations the rest of the month so they can be with average people at the same time..

it pretty much stopped there and it was then time to go and eat. I am not happy He was discriminated against the way he was. It was more of a safety issue not helping him as I was able to decrease his fall risk, he wasn't able to elope (run off) . those policies need to change and make it more inclusive not exclusive.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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While as a Skyzone employee myself it's sad to hear about your experience. I work at one on Long Island and not only do we let you hold their hands (albeit usually the helper needs to stand on the pads), we typically will open a private dodgeball court for a special needs guest in case the guest and anyone accompanying him/her prefers to have an entire court to themselves.

The only time this will not happen is if parties have booked 2 to of the 3 dodgeball courts we have as we must always have at least 1 court open to the general public. I'm so sorry to hear about your experience!

However, although I agree with you that your son most definitely should have never been discriminated like that and that the employees were wrong in their practices and enforcement of the rules, as a law student I feel like I should point out the Americans with Disabilities Act only applies to the hiring/ working. The act provides that a company may not discriminate against an individual when hiring because they have a disability and that once hired reasonable accommodations must be made for any employee with a disability.

Outside of this however, the act does not apply.

While a company should do their best to accommodate their guests who may suffer from a disability, it is not legally mandated under the ADA that the business should make reasonable accommodations for any such person.

Anyways, I'm sorry about your experience and hope that you and your son are doing well!

All the best,

A very tired Skyzone employee/ law student

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